From years, wall-mounted cabinets above your counter space have been in trend. They have been acting as the perfect storage spots for your kitchen accessories. But the style seems to be outdated now, and open shelving has taken its place. It is a more convenient method as it makes your place airy and adds a decorative look to your kitchen. The secret lies in its simplicity and elegance.

Here we have listed some of the hacks for open shelving which could work for you when thinking to redesign your kitchen-

Hanging Shelves

This can be the most clever idea when it comes to putting shelves for your kitchen and that too without occupying any of its space. Hanging shelves are not mounted on a wall rather vertically suspended from the ceiling. It is a smart approach when you don’t have enough space on your walls to put up shelves and to make space look more expansive.

The best part about hanging shelves is that you can do it by yourself as there are kits available in the market to set up this kind of arrangement. Isn’t it cool?

Open Cupboards

You can beautifully design your kitchen by adding this vintage style shelving unit to the kitchen. It is a terrific idea to add extra storage space to your kitchen and increase its functionality. If you don’t have the space for a separate pantry, then these open shelves mounted in a wall is the perfect solution to your problem. It will give you an organized pantry with clear visibility of your goods. Add a contrasting colour to the shelves, which can perfectly complement the colour palette of your walls to make an emphatic statement. It will look amazing!

Add open shelving above the sink.

In most traditional setups, shorter cabinets are commonly added above your sink to keep your dishes after washing. To create more space, add a couple of shelves above it instead of a cabinet. This can be a place to keep the things that are not affected by moisture and the humidity exposed due to the sink below. You could add some decorative items like a houseplant to make the place more lively.

Open shelves could also be added above your coffee bar to create a perfect setup for your morning coffee by placing all the things you would need to make your perfect cup.

Add it in a corner space

Most of the kitchen shelves are added on a particular wall from top to bottom or above your kitchen bar. You can innovate and use your corner space which is lying empty to add shelves. It can be the perfect place to add items that are less commonly used. Place your microwave or those less attractive items you want relatively hidden from the view.

Another out of the box idea can be to add a small double shelf at the end of your kitchen countertop, which will have enough space to store your cookbooks or decorative flotsam. It will give the place a less clunky look and add to its elegance.

Restyle it often

A terrific way to not get bored with your kitchen can be to restyle your shelves from time to time. Rearrange, mix and match the items to maintain that fun element. Place different texture of houseplants to add a touch of greenery to the place. Think of the items that are more useful in your daily chores and place them on different shelves of variant heights.