Bathrooms are one of the most important areas in your home because it is one of those areas where you relax after a long tiring day. After a hard day, you need to relax and the way you decorate your bathroom helps a lot to set your mood. You can do a lot to decorate this place and add elegance to the overall appearance. Simply upgrading the vanity and accessories can help in upgrading the look of your bathroom. Pick these plush styles and remodel your bathroom space in a jiffy!

Wall-mounted basins

The most common type of basin in the entire range of basins, this one is the aptest choice for your plush bathroom. As the name suggests, a wall-mounted basin is a sturdy basin clinging to the wall of your bathroom and hangs intact. This is actually a wise choice for all those bathrooms where space is less or where you want to make the most of a small area. The best thing about this basin is that it comes in all kinds of shapes and designs, colors and patterns, thus adding life to your space. You can pick this wall-mounted basin in basic colors like white and cream to portray elegance and poise in your area. Also, a similar-colored sanitary and vanity set should be picked for the perfect look of your bathroom.

Table-Mounted Basins

As the name suggests, this tabletop basin is something you will love for your modish bathroom. Ditching the traditional styles in basins, you can pick this tabletop basin for a contemporary look. It is strange how with just one change in the type of basin, you can alter the look of your entire bathroom. It can upgrade the look in literally no time. A tabletop basin is definitely a great pick for all plush bathrooms. It just requires a solid base on which it can be placed. This counter can be anything from metal, wood, glass or marble- whatever you like. Tabletop basins showcase a luxurious and elegant space for your bathroom area. This upgrades the entire area and makes it welcoming for everyone. Pick it any color according to the surface on which it has been placed.

Marble Basins

Marble is anyway one of the most sophisticated pieces in home decor. No matter where you use it, it adds poise to that specific area of your house. It has that classic and timeless feel to it. So, if you ask us, we think this is literally the best option for your bathroom. Moreover, it is unique and also adds a vintage touch to your space. Marble basins are also seen in vivid colors like cream, black, matter, etc. Apart from colors, you will spot various kinds of marbles, out of which, Italian marble is our most favorite. An exquisite style basin, this one is a true representation of luxury and lavish lifestyle. Place it in your bathroom and upgrade the look!

Pedestal Basins

If you are thinking of adding that wow factor to your bathroom, then this pedestal bathroom is the ultimate choice for the same. With so many styles to pick from, we prefer this one for large spaces. The thing is that this pedestal basin takes a lot of space because it is a standing basin. That is why you should make sure that the space of your bathroom is equipped enough to make space for this pedestal basin. Pedestal basins are made from large blocks of marble or any other stone. Since they are an exclusive style, they are much more expensive than the rest. Use them for your luxury bathrooms or for open spaces because they look super gorgeous in such areas.

A corner basin

A corner basin is the most distinct basin out of all the designs. It is placed in the corner of any area. You can place it in the bathroom, living area and even your lobby where you sit regularly. There are so many designs in this kind of basin that you will love to place it in nearly every place where you need a basin. This fixture is useful for cases where you want to add a more contemporary look with a chic style appearance. Make sure you pick the base in a fancy style so that it looks worthy of your overall space. This corner basin can be picked in round, oval and even pentagonal styles for the ultimate style.