If you have become bored with the current decor of your room and intend to change in the simplest way possible, we have something amazing in store for you. Sometimes it happens you don’t want to spend money on upgrading your space as you have done enough previously but still need some things to transform your place. Just make some of the changes here and there, it might be some kind of reorganization work or adding some decor stuff would also be just fine to make it feel fresh and adorable. Give it an exciting look by keeping all of the core components with some of these awesome ideas mentioned below.

Change the lighting

Easiest, best, effortless, what can I say? You fall short of adjectives when it comes to describing this way of up-gradation. It helps not only to change the looks but also the feel and vibe of the place. Give your room the most alluring appearance by replacing your current table lamp with a pendant one. Redirecting the focal points in your room could also make your room warmer and more inviting in the most effortless way. Make sure to be in tandem with the old decorating adage of keeping three different sources of light in it.

Add a few house plants.

Probably the most eco-friendly way. Adding a few house plants will make your place feel alive and refreshed in the most natural way possible. Not only they would act as decorative elements for your space but also make the indoor air clean and fresh by replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen. If you are the one who doesn’t have much time to take care of the plants, pick ones that require low maintenance such as snake plants, rubber trees, cacti, and philodendrons. Add fake ones that form the lowest of the low-maintenance options.

Swap out the pillows

If you want changes in your big furniture pieces such as your bed, sofa, of course, you can’t consider them changing altogether as it would be too heavy for your pocket. It also requires much time and effort to do so. The simplest way is to swap out your current throw pillows with the new trendy ones to change the whole look of your entire room. Add intricate floral designs to create an old-world feel and chevron striped ones for a modern touch. Do whatever suits your taste and style.

Update your side tables

This is one of those methods in which you make changes that you feel them when you enter your room but are not so prominent that you notice them visually at once. Update your furniture in the most inexpensive ways by changing your accent tables, end tables beside your sofa including your nightstands. They can reflect your personality elegantly without overpowering the entire space. Also, renew the decor pieces you keep on them to make your tables look more stylish and upgraded. Add some statement pieces if you want to make your table look standout of the place.

Hang New Art

What could be better to make a style statement for your room than some amazing piece of art? I don’t think you can have any better idea than this one. Replace your current favorite painting or the framed poster that seems to be monotonous now to liven up your space. Choose a new piece of art to hang over your mantel or above your bed that would act as a focal point of the room and would attract anyone who enters your space. If you are thinking it would cost you a fortune, don’t worry, not all art comes with a big price tag. Just opt for some framed prints or create your own unique wall art to spice up that blank space of yours.