Most of the time, we don’t pay much attention to this decor item of our room. But you don’t realize its importance until you do it with poise and in the best way possible. They really help in bringing out the true character of the room and enhance its aesthetics. And for that, you need to have a well-curated plan for window treatments. If you get successful in getting the right window curtains, the room you would get as a result would be so eye-soothing and flowy that you would adore it for a long time. Don’t leave it for at the end; instead, make it a part of your interior design plan. But there are a few pointers you should keep in your mind to make the curtain finding process easier.

Consider your Privacy needs

Sheer window treatments are in trend. But they can’t be a pick for the bedrooms and even for the bathrooms as they don’t give the necessary level of privacy. They can prove to be wonderful for many other areas of your house but not your bedroom. But still, if you want to hang them, we would recommend to layer them up with darker drape or window covering that just covers up.

Choose a unique style for every room.

What is the common mistake most of the persons make? They tend to choose a curtain design and hang it in all of the rooms of the house. We would say this is the biggest blunder you can make for your decor. How can a single curtain work well with the distinct color schemes of different rooms? You can’t have bold and luxurious curtains in your kids’ room. They would definitely don’t go with the feel and style of the room. At the same time, the curtains for kids’ rooms can never match the style of your living room. So make sure to choose a unique style that best suits the need of each space.

Understand the lighting needs

You have to keep in mind this basic fact that not all windows produce the same amount of lighting. So the drapes you use for them should also be different in color and texture. If you need minimal light in the room, then pick heavy drapes that block most of the light. They are the best choice for the bedrooms that offers a spectacular sunrise view. On the other hand, sheer drapes can be a choice for persons who don’t need much privacy and need some natural light in their room. They give a light, airy feel to the room that makes it more lively and fresh.

Go with the theme of the room.

It is very important to keep your curtains in tandem with the overall theme of the room. You would definitely don’t want to hang heavy drapes in a room that has a light and airy feel to it. It would mess up the whole look. We don’t say they have to match everything perfectly, but at least they should not clash with the decor. Make sure that the color you choose goes with the overall color palette, and the material of the curtain reflects the materials in the room. Try to keep it as flowy and smoothy as possible.

Don’t forget the material.

Carefully choose the materials and try to pick one that is fade resistant. Although there are a number of combinations of materials and fiber available in the market, pick one that suits the need of your space. As a room that gets a lot of light tends to fade the color of the curtains so you should always pick the fade-resistant ones for them. Avoid picking silks, leave it for the pillows and other accents as they tend to fade quickly, leaving you with dull and ugly curtains.