Organization is one thing which almost every person contemplates about, no matter what corner of the house it is. It should be done in a way which doesn’t take up a whole lot of space and still gives the room an enough amount of space to move around and make it feel breathable and airy. But when it comes to organizing things in a space that is extremely small, it becomes a whole new challenge but definitely not impossible to achieve as long as you brainstorm some genius ideas and put the tiniest of space to use. Talking about organizing, the bathroom is mostly the tidiest corner of every house but when it comes to organizing things in there, it becomes quite a task especially if it’s small. However, the organization can become a little easier if you use every corner of the space very wisely and smartly.

To save you from brainstorming some ideas (not that we would mind) and scrutinizing every possible Pinterest ideas, we have listed some genius way of storing things in your tiny bathroom. Read on to know about them.

Adding shelves and bars over the toilet

One of the best ways of putting your bathroom space to use is to utilize the area above the toilet. You can simply put some over the toilet shelves and bars over it. Which can further be used to put various stuff such as toilet paper, plants, tissue box, and other essential things. Shelves come in all different types; you can go with the styles that match the vibes and theme of your bathroom. Make the use of bar handle by hanging hand towels on it.

If you are opting for floating shelves for the bathroom then you can team it up with a bar holder. These two together will make for an elegant combination. And if this idea doesn’t sound appealing to you then you can also choose to go with a stylish and modern ladder shelves which FYI is very much in right now and also gives a very vintage feeling.

Put baskets under the bathroom sink/vanity

As we said, the key to organizing things smartly in small space is to make use of the tiniest of space. And one of many such ideas is to put the space below your vanity/bathroom sink to use by placing fancy and elegant baskets under it. You can use those baskets to store anything you like, but it can majorly be used to store your towels. To make it more functional, place two baskets if space allows and then use one of them to hold your fresh clean towels and the other one to store the dirty and used ones.

Add corner shelves

Most of you must be aware of floating shelves which serves great purpose and functionality but what you must not be aware of are the corner shelves which holds equal importance as that of any other shelves. They are really very convenient and can easily be used at any kind of bathroom layout. Whether add it to the corner of your shower area to hold your shampoos, body wash and all other stuff or just add it randomly to any other corner, to place some plants, toilet paper or any other stuff on it.

Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are one of the best things to happen when it comes to organizing. Be it in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other space, these drawer dividers are truly a blessing in disguise which can help you simplify your life. Your morning search for makeup products can become easier by adding these drawer dividers to your vanity drawers. These drawers dividers come with various compartments and sections which can be used to hold various kinds of stuff.

Use wall-mounted baskets

If you don’t like the idea of floating shelves or any sort of that then there’s another way of putting those bare walls to use. Hanging the wall-mounted baskets will serve the equal amount of functionality and purpose, which can easily be used to store various things such as toilet paper, tissue box, hand towels, etc. Besides being functional, these baskets also look really amazing and add some character and element to the bathroom.