Rugged décor means there is more of a masculine vibe to the interior than feminine vibes. This type of décor is common in apartments or houses decorated by men. This need not mean that this is only a male-oriented décor style. Anyone who likes having strong surroundings with bold colors and textures can have this style and can decorate their interior with this. Rugged means strong, sturdy and at the same time, it means rough. And the elements used in this are all appropriate and ideal for this style.

Create a beautifully bold and strong interior with the décor elements presented to you below. These elements are the ones that are used extensively in this modern rugged décor.

Use of dark and bold colors

As the name suggests and the fact that this décor is said to have some strong and sturdy vibes it is common to have a bold color palette. Selecting the right color palette is a must and should be the first step in decorating any place. This décor is about dark and bold colors such as warm shades of neutrals and strong shades such as grey, black, blue, brown, and others. Black and white is a classic combination to work within this style. If you want to balance the colors you can add some splash of metallic colors to the interior.

Use of leather in furniture

What can be a better option than leather when selecting a material for furniture in this style. As mentioned before this style gives tough and rustic vibes and a classic, timeless material such as leather is ideal for this aesthetic. Leather comes in different colors such as black, brown, and even white and can go well with the bold colors of the walls and the interior. This adds to the overall aesthetic of the room. You can get to use some real or faux leather as the material for your sofas and chairs.

A lot of geometric patterns

One of the ways to make the bold colors balance in a room is to add new patterns. Some patterns make the look of the room better and mature. Safest and easiest pattern to use in any room is to use geometric patterns on the walls to add a new layer to the interior. The sharp edges and the straight lines add to the main aesthetic of this décor and make things look strong and sturdy. You can even use some of the patterns and get a rug with the geometric pattern and decorate the floor with it. This pattern is not only for some walls or rugs and can be used anywhere else in the house too.

Statement wall filled with artwork

To add some artwork into the house you can add some beautiful statement artworks and put them together on a wall creating a statement wall. This adds a splash of color to the otherwise plain and dark surroundings. You can create or select a theme and get the artwork according to that particular theme. These artworks create a new level to the interior and add to the depth of the surroundings. This can also help you to layer the room with curtains and rugs according to the theme going with the artwork.

Wide variety of accessories

Modern rugged design means being bold and tough and having the touch of masculinity in the décor but that does not mean that you cannot accessorize the room. You can easily accessorize the place with the right accessories that go well with the room and the décor. You can use some antiques or some vintage items that have some rustic vibes to them such as some pottery or maybe some old books.

This style is for everyone. If you are someone who likes masculine vibes in the house then get some inspiration and ideas for this modern style and make your interior look tough and rough with this style. This style shows that interior designing is not just female-oriented and males can create a new style for their house. Get some new ideas and make your surroundings look comfortable to you. Your interior should represent your personality and make sure to represent it the most you can.