Nothing feels more wonderful than being able to sleep on your bed after a long tiring day at work. Sleeping like a baby is all we want to do, however, that becomes a little impossible if you happen to have an uncomfortable mattress. Mattresses are one of the most underrated home products out there, and not many people tend to pay much attention to its features and other qualities while purchasing one. A mattress plays a vital role in ensuring a good night’s sleep, and that’s not its only purpose, it helps your body in so many other ways, thereby it’s imperative to buy a mattress that actually does you good, and not further worsen the problem.

Having a wrong mattress means inviting a lot of other problems that can trouble you in the long run, and nobody wants that. Hence, when it comes to investing in a mattress, you should only buy the one that meets all your requirements and serves the purpose wonderfully. Also, buying a perfect mattress for you doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore, you can source one for yourself at online stores. And to save you from all the trouble of scrutinizing the internet, we have made things easier for you by finding just the right place you can buy your mattress from, and it’s none other than Layla Sleep.


What is Layla Sleep?

Layla Sleep is a US-based mattress and bedding company that’s been running in the market since 2016. This brand is most popularly known for its memory foam mattress with flippable nature. Other than the mattresses, the company also deals in selling bedding stuff, such as pillows, bases, sheets, weighted blankets, and accessories.


Mattresses available on the website

Layla Sleep rose to fame because of its memory foam mattress, and now there’s a new addition to the family, which is a hybrid mattress that claims to provide a very new and unique experience. Both the mattresses are good in their own way, and no matter what you choose, each mattress has a little something to offer that guarantee to improve your sleeping experience.


Difference between memory foam and hybrid mattress

Although both the mattresses are amazing in their own way, there are a few distinctions between the two that make your sleeping experience even better differently. Memory foam mattresses have always been the most popular choice amongst the buyers, and that can be attributed to its fabulous features. Other than providing a hugging and cradling support, memory foam mattress also feels more sink and less bouncy. Other than that, it also allows easy movement of the body.

When it comes to hybrid mattresses, given its amazing features, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful sleeping experience. It claims to provide extra support to your body, especially at deep compression areas. Contrary to a memory foam mattress, the hybrid mattress feels more bouncy, and your body will sink less into the mattress. Apart from that, it also provides superior edge support, which is perfect if you like to sleep around the edge of your mattress.


Price range

Layla’s mattresses are priced quite decently. The mattress might not give you those luxe feels, but it certainly will improve your sleeping experience, and that’s something most people expect out of their mattresses. Given their amazing features, mattresses are priced affordably, and the price for each mattress depends on the size as well as the type of mattress you have selected. The price for memory foam mattresses can be as low as $649 and as high as $1149. As for hybrid mattresses, they are priced between $1249 and $1849.


Company’s policies

The best thing about purchasing a mattress from this website is you don’t have to be worried about paying additional shipping charges. The company delivers the mattresses free of cost. Other than free delivery, Layla Sleep also offers a 120-night in-home trial period to the buyers, which allows them to test the product and examine its quality. In case, if you don’t seem to be satisfied with the mattress, you can choose to return it, and the company will initiate a full refund. You will have to test the mattress for at least a minimum of two weeks before you come to any conclusion, and this is also one of their policies.


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