Are you looking out to update your kitchen? Does the current decor of your kitchen seem dull and boring? So, first of all, think, what is the foremost thing that catches our eyes when we enter the kitchen? I think the answer that would probably come to your mind is the walls. And it is pretty easy to revamp your kitchen if you are thoughtfully planning to change the look of your walls. Mix and match different designs and use them tactfully to make it classy and edgy. Here are our top four picks you can use to transform your dining experience by updating the walls of your kitchen.

It all starts with a focal point.

The next time you go into your kitchen, don’t enter as if it is your own. Instead, make yourself feel that you are going to some other place. Then think about what you notice first about the place. Is it something you like? Mark that spot and make it your focal point. After that, do some brainstorming and think about innovative ideas in which you can make that spot catchy and eye-pleasing. It should be something unique that suits your taste and style. Choose a wall that would be visually appealing and try out some different techniques on it. Paint it with a bold shade by keeping the other walls in a neutral palette or hang a large piece of art on the wall to make an exclusive style statement. You can even try a textured or patterned wallpaper by using vibrant colors. It will add a fun vibe to the place, making it more welcoming.

Personalize it with chalkboard paint

The idea we are going to discuss now is most probably the cheapest of all. Just take a can of black chalkboard paint and do it on your accent wall. It would be like a thing that would serve you in multiple ways. Firstly, it would create a unique, bold statement look, and secondly, you can creatively change the wall art at any time you want. In case you can’t dedicate a whole wall to this idea, you can easily do it on a door or a cabinet surface. Write your daily dinner menu and impress your guests by something that is completely raw and exclusive at the same time. Add a floating shelf or a gallery wall kitchen to enhance the overall look.

Try a three-color palette.

The next one we are going to discuss is the easiest way in which you could transform your place. It is the color of the walls that could help you out, but you have to pick the best-suited combination. The secret we are sharing is the three-color palette style. Make the appearance super-awesome by first having the existing color you have for your countertop or kitchen cabinets. Then choose a color in a neutral palette that would complement the previous color. It would also act as the background color for the decor you would put afterward. Lastly, the color you pick should be unique that would appear like you have changed the whole layout. Have such a signature three-color palette that your kitchen looks visually amazing and marvelous.

Have Open Shelving

After you have done all of the things listed above or just one of them, the next step you can follow is to add layers. Open shelving has been in recent trends. Gone are the days when most of the people opted for cabinets. It makes the place look airier and visually light. Try updating your walls by having one or two floating shelves where you can display all your well-curated crockery. You can even keep some beautiful decor pieces to increase the aesthetic value of the place. Add LED under-cabinet lighting to highlight the items you have kept on them.