If you are a workaholic, you would surely love to have a place in your home that is specially dedicated to this purpose. Designing this place you call as a home office is a task that requires your complete attention. Focus on every intricate detail for a well-defined look. You need to plan everything from what kind of desk you should place and where to how many chairs would fit into the place to the kind of sofa you should pick. Everything means damn everything. Decide how the shelving will be done and how it would work out for you in the best way. These are the important details to keep in mind with the other part being the colors. You would not like your place to be boring, so make it vibrant, playful, and more fun by incorporating colorful elements into it. It can help you change the whole look and feel of the place, so it should be a part of your pre-planning. Below we have listed our best color schemes that you can add to your home office.

Design it with Wood Neutrals

The first option we are giving you is the evergreen wood style you can use to design your space. It gives a feel of ultimate luxury and gives an appearance like that of an executive suite to your home office. Incorporate them where ever you want to like in the flooring or paneling. Add some wood furniture pieces if you feel the need. Wood neutrals also complement the carpet and furniture, making a wholesome awesome look. Make it more appealing by placing small accents like wrought iron lamps or wall sconces.

Give it a Bold Look with Deep Red.

To give an intense look and feel to your home office, try this deep burgundy color that calls for itself. You would have often observed this color in some classic libraries, so why not add to a similar kind of a place and experiment. It is very easy to incorporate this shade that looks bold as well as grounded at the same time, giving that perfect balance to space. You can also simply add an accent wall of the shade if you don’t paint the whole room with it. Combine it with some neutral colors like white or black that would complement it, completing the whole look. Another way to amalgamate with other colors is to add some gorgeous pink rug, chair or curtain.

The Classic White Monochrome Look

You can never go wrong with this one. It will give your home office a modish look you would have always wanted. The classic white look makes the place feel light and airy. You definitely need this feel after a long working hour session in your office. It can be your go-to option if you have a small space as white monochrome makes the place appear visually larger than usual. Your office design would never go out of style and will look updated. Have a clean and basic look and incorporate some colorful decor items to make it fun and playful.

Have a combination of Blue with Neutrals

Another fabulous idea is to have a beautiful combination of blue and neutral shades. And the best part is it will never go out of style. To increase its aesthetic value, have stark black cabinetry with open white walls and ceiling. It will definitely make your place more appealing and classy.

Make it subtle by not adding the bright shades of blue and having muted-gray blue instead. Moreover, blue can go with anything, so take advantage of its versatility in the best way possible. Incorporate it in a textured carpet or have a rich wood piece in color in the center of your room as a focal point.