A small bedroom space comes with its own set of drawbacks. While they look all cute and cozy but they tend to prove less functional and practical than how the bedrooms are actually supposed to look like. Small space is one of the most common bedroom decor issues. And people find it really difficult to decorate that bedroom space as they couldn’t really figure out how to strike a perfect balance between keeping the bedroom stylish as well as making it appear visually bigger. This is where you have to be very smart with your decor choices, as the wrong selection can easily make your bedroom a lot smaller than it actually is. This is why, everything you do in your bedroom, do it smartly so that you can easily fool anyone into seeing your bedroom larger than it actually is.

To help you find ways to decorate a small bedroom smartly, we have rounded up a list of decor ideas that will fake your bedroom into looking larger.


Hang mirrors

Hanging mirrors are probably the easiest way to create an illusion of more space in the room. Mirrors have always been a quick fix to almost every home decor problem. They benefit the decor of your room in more than just one way. Instead of just putting one small wall mirror or large wall leaning mirror, your bedroom could use more than just one or two of them. And the best thing about the mirror is they can be incorporated into almost every corner of the bedroom in different ways such as closet door mirror, mirrors arranged into creating a gallery wall, vanity mirror, dressing mirror, and so many other wondrous ways. Mirrors are not only very practical but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom.


Add furniture with exposed legs

The furniture in your bedroom also plays an important role in manipulating the way your bedroom appears. Furniture pieces with exposed legs are known to work favorably for small bedroom space as they make it appear more airy and spacious. Not all the furniture pieces have to come with exposed legs, just one or two pieces such as dresser, side table, mirror, bed would do the job. The mid-century decor style is considered to be the best choice for small bedroom space as the furniture involved in this style is elevated on tall, thin legs which help in adding a sense of airiness and extra space in the room.


Match the window treatment with walls

As much as we would love to incorporate contrasting color palette into our bedroom, that would work quite negatively for your small bedroom space. Adding window treatment in a contrasting shade to the walls of the bedroom only works well in large space, whereas in small spaces, this contrasting element can make the room look even smaller. This is why it’s better to match the walls of your bedroom with the window treatment and this would surely make a world of difference in the way your space appears.


Use wall sconces by the bed

Bedside table lamps surely look fancy and stylish but they can work negatively for small bedroom space. They can unnecessarily make the corner of your bedroom cluttered and messy and you can easily avoid that from happening by installing wall sconces above and slightly to the side of your headboard. This will help in drawing the eye upwards which further will add a sense of airiness and an open feel to the bedroom. Wall sconces also come pretty handy during night time reading which you can adjust as per your convenience.


Try a light color palette

While keeping your room all white certainly helps in opening up the space but that can look very overwhelming and lifeless at the same time. You don’t have to completely refrain from adding colors to the bedroom, playing with a soft, light palette will help a lot in keeping your bedroom open and airy. You can play with pastel colors, light shades of grey, mid-tone colors, cool colors to add a pop of brightness as well as some life to otherwise dead space. Refrain from adding warm colors as they can work oppositely.