You may have heard a lot about accent colors but have you ever heard of accent furniture? Well, they are a thing and don’t mistake them to be just a random type of furniture or furniture that is just an ordinary piece. A piece of furniture that is able to stand out because of its extraordinary appearance or indefinite charm is exactly how one would describe accent furniture and that’s the power they hold. While functionality is what one would expect from their furniture but with accent furniture, there’s something very distinct about them and they are not merely just a functional piece. More than being used for its functionality, it is often used as a decorative furniture piece to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Accent furniture works in quite a similar way to accent colors. They add interest, excitement and sometimes also create a focal point in the room which instantly draws the viewer’s attention. And when it comes to finding an accent piece for your home, there are so many ways of going about it. Depending on what you actually need for your home, you can look for an accent piece that can work its charm in the room and adds a certain amount of interest and beauty to the room.

To help you know how to use accent furniture, we have put together a list of some accent furniture ideas that will add something extra to your home.

Place a chest in your entryway

Your entryway is the first thing that any person sees, so it should be decorated in a way that can make a lasting and impactful impression on the audience. An entryway basically sets the tone for the rest of your home, which is why you cannot take your entryway’s decor for granted. One of the most amazing ways to make the maximum impact with your entryway’s decor is to put accent furniture on display and there can be no better option than a chest to do the trick. If you have to ask us, then a bombe chest can be a great piece to add to the entryway. Its odd yet arresting shape does help in catching the viewer’s attention and does the job effectively. You can also look for other options that are either in a bold color or weirdly shaped.

Use small tables

Using small tables is also a great way to incorporate accent elements inside your space. But not all small tables can be put to use, you have to look for a piece that is capable of standing out and making a statement with its unique appearance. Tables that are boldly painted ornamented, or features interesting elements should be your preferred choice as they look every bit of impressive and eye-catching. Tables with strong colors, lines, and unconventional materials make for great options as well, pick the one that delights you, and add drama to your space. And the best part, you can use these small tables in any room of your house.

Create a maximum impact with large and impressive pieces

And if you thought that using small accent furniture was the only way of getting your way around with such pieces then here we are giving you some hope and a reason to be excited. You can totally use large imposing accent furniture to add drama and interest in the room. If the room is already filled with so many elements and seems to appear a little busy then you can use furniture that is plain but features a striking color that complements the decor of the room or if the room follows a very muted decor theme then you can go all out with your accent piece, no matter how tall or ornated it is. Armoire, a china cabinet, and a large painted folding screen can just be the right pieces to consider.

Look for a flamboyant chair

Chairs are one of those furniture pieces that are often used as accent pieces. And you can find them in so many chic options in varied colors, styles, designs, and materials. The easiest way to go right with your selection is to look for chairs that have a certain flair to them. Look for chairs with strong profiles, excellent upholstery, and colors that can blow your mind away. You can also experiment with its style and look for the one that creates a contrast with your current decor style, for example mixing modern chairs with traditional furniture will create very interesting and amazing results and vice versa.