It can be quite tricky to design a small bathroom space for your home. But it is not an impossible task to style this place and make it look beautiful by making some little efforts here and there. You can turn it into a trendy place by using some cool layout designs, decor ideas, and clever storage tricks. As there are no certain set of rules to design a bathroom, you can design it as per your taste and preference. Pick the best ideas you can and you are going to nail it for sure.

 You will love your small, efficient place if you use some of the tricks given below while designing your bathroom-

Play with Mirrors and Glass

Mirrors can help in completely transforming the place and make it look more spacious as they reflect light adding depth to the room. A mirror can be placed above the vanity or along one side of the wall. A mirrored wall creates the illusion of a bigger space by doubling up visual space. They also add a decorative touch to your bathroom and acts as the main focal point.

You can install a walk-in shower with frameless panels instead of adding a bathtub that consumes much more space in your bathroom. It prevents the hustle of adding a shower curtain and makes the bathroom look tidy. Moreover, the glass panels are easy to install, maintain and perfect for small bathrooms.

Storage Spaces

You don’t need large storage spaces in your bathroom as generally anticipated. Large vanities with deep cabinet spaces are an inefficient use of space for your bathroom. Instead, you can install a floating sink or small cabinet or narrow open shelves.

Be sure to get rid of the unnecessary items like extra towels, cosmetics, hotel toiletries, etc. Scan your bathroom and make sure that everything placed there is actually of any use to you. Keep everything minimalistic and think of ideas on how you can use even the small spaces efficiently.

Add finishing touches

While working on small bathroom space, you can concentrate on the fixtures and tiles you can add to your bathroom. Add statement lighting to your bathroom to illuminate the space.

To add depth to your space, use dark patterns and textures, creating an illusion of more space in your bathroom. You can also opt for a one-color palette. It will make your place look more fresh and cool.

Add Colors

What can be more pleasing to the eyes than an interesting combination of colors! Be strategic by combining dark color floors with lighter walls. It will make it look larger by reflecting more light. To create an illusion of a continuous floor, look for shower tiles that match the color of your floor.

Another amazing way to add some color is to add an accent wall to the bathroom. You can also add some texture or pattern if you want. Use a bright color for the accent wall by keeping the background light in color.

Wall-mount everything

Create a floating style bathroom by attaching everything to the wall and making room for the floor area. It will surely make your space look enlarged, fresh, clean and tidy as one judges the space of a room by looking at its floor size. Install a wall cubby to create integrated storage space.