Indoor plants make for a great decorative piece. They not only add colors to the house but also help in refreshing the air inside the rooms. They help in purifying the air, improving health conditions and many more things. The amount of purpose they serve to us it’s equally important for us to look after them in order to keep them alive and healthy. By taking caring of them means they would require a healthy environment to grow in like their water requirements, soil conditions, etc. Different plants may require different growing conditions so it’s important for you to know everything about the plant you plan on putting inside your house.

To guide you through on how to take care of your indoor plants, we have made a list of some easy ways to do so. Read on to know how.

Watering them is a necessity

Just like us humans plants would not be able to thrive without water for a longer period. The healthy growth of plants highly depends on their water level. So it’s extremely important to consistently water them, only when required. With that, it’s also important to water them the right way as overwatering can damage the roots of the plant which in turn would hinder its growth. Plants with thick, lush leaves require more water than the plants with leathery or waxy leaves. Read all the general requirements of the plant beforehand while purchasing any of them.

Remember, the key to achieving a healthy plant is to keep the soil moist and not wet.

Provide them with adequate sunlight

Plants come in all different types with different living conditions, some are sun-loving while some prefer to stay in dark. It’s important for us to determine what conditions they prefer to grow in. however, most of the plants require sunlight to perform photosynthesis which is an essential step to further their growth and development. From intensity to duration of sunlight, everything affects a plant’s growth. Putting them in direct sunlight may burn the leaves, so place them in a spot where they can get indirect light like a well lit-up room.

Pruning is important

Pruning the stem, branches, and roots of the plant is an important step for easy penetration of sunlight, structural growth, and increased air movement. Certain plants require their roots to be pruned every once in a while as they have the tendency to outgrow their pots or vase due to uncontrollable growth.

So to maintain a healthy growth, prune your plants regularly by getting rid of dead stems and branches that can attract bugs very easily.

Feed them with nutrient-rich fertilizers

Plants need all the nutrients required for their healthy growth. They either get it from the potting soil or the fertilizers which we feed to them. If they don’t get it in a sufficient amount, there are very high chances of them getting killed. They require a great amount of phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium to be able to grow thick and large. So feed them every once in a while and you are good to go.

Don’t move them around a lot

Plants may take it slow getting adapted to their surroundings, but once they get familiar with it they start growing in such living conditions. Changing their spot often can create a negative impact on their growth which can also result in them getting killed. So it’s always wise to place them in a spot which is suitable for their growth.

If you wish to move a plant at some new place, take it slow by placing the plant in that spot for 1 hour per day. With time you can increase the time limit for it to be able to get well adapted to the surroundings.