Everything requires Maintainance so that it can be useful and to ensure that it does not wear off. You need to look after the furniture in the house so that they stay in good condition and can be used. If you have old furniture such as a bookshelf or a chair that adds to the vintage vibe in the house then you might need to take regular care of the wooden furniture to ensure that the furniture is in great shape and to avoid any repair. You also need to look that you’re cleaning them in the right manner so that you do not wear down the wood or make the shade lighter. There are so many ways you can clean the wooden furniture in your house with utmost care.


1: Dusting the Furniture

Before doing anything you need to remove the layer of dust that is accumulated over the top layer. To do so you need to use a clean fabric that can be used to dust the dirt and germs of the furniture. Without dusting and jumping directly to cleaning, you might let the dust and dirt stick to the furniture. It is important to remove the layer of any dust or dirt away from the furniture and then go for soap and water cleaning.


2: Soap and Washing

After cleaning the furniture with a clean cloth and removing all the dirt, now you need to use soap to deep clean and make the surface germ free. You need to use a soap that does not have ammonia in it as it can damage the time that is getting cleaned. Instead of using a lot of water that can ruin the wood, you can use a damp cloth to get rid of the soap. Then use another cloth to clean the surface again of any residue.

soap and washing

3: New Polishing

With time, wooden furniture loses some of its polish and that might make them look worn off. After cleaning the wooden furniture and letting them dry, you should polish a new layer to make them get back the shine. This will make your furniture look good as new and also protect the surface creating a layer over it. Get a good quality polish without any damaging ingredients and polish it over the furniture. This is one of the easy ways to make the furniture look good as new.

New Polishing

4: Use of Coasters

If you do not want to have stains and water rings on the wooden surface of your furniture, then you need to make sure that you use coasters and trivets when you are placing anything with a drink or any hot utensil or dish. Glass/bottles with any drink or water may leave water rings that are hard to get rid of and hot surfaces might leave burn marks that you cannot be able to wash off thus it is better to use coasters and trivets to avoid having these marks on the wooden surface.

Use of Coasters

5: Avoid Moisture

If you want to have your wooden furniture of good quality for a long time then you need to avoid steam or mixture build-up around that. For example, you have a wooden cabinet in the kitchen where you keep something that might generate steam. It would damage the wood. Thus to avoid things like that, keep the wooden furniture that you want to have in the house for a long time away from steam and moisture. This will make it easy to maintain the furniture.

Avoid Moisture

Cleaning can help you increase the shelf life of these pieces of furniture and protect your furniture. There are so many ways you can clean wooden furniture. Simple tips can help in keeping the furniture and keeping them in good condition so that you can use them for a long time. You can even transform the condition of some of the pieces and make them better and ready to use. The list above tells you about several cleaning tips that you can use to get clean and good-quality furniture. There are so many other ways you can clean and protect them. Use these tips and take care of your favorite wooden furniture.