When renovating a room, one of the dilemmas that are faced is using wallpaper or wall paint. The design of the wall is something that would elevate the entire look of the room. It is not only about the look and the vibe but also about the budget and time available to change the look of the house. There are many factors that you need to take into consideration before you select what is best for your room. With the wide range, of designs and even materials of wallpapers to choices from and customizable wall paints it might get a bit difficult to select. If you are inclining toward wallpaper but are not confident about your choice then here we are providing you with points as to why you should choose wallpaper.


1: Easy to Apply

Wallpapers are easy to apply to any wall and make the area look beautiful. Wallpapers can be applied to the walls in no time and do not make it a time-consuming job. All you need to do is work for a few hours, clean the walls, apply adhesive, and put the wallpaper properly and voila you are done for the day. On the other hand, you have to wait for the first coat of paint to dry so that you can apply another which might take a lot of time.

Easy to Apply

2: No Mess

This is easy as well as clean to apply. There is a little mess when you are applying wallpaper, which too generated when applying the adhesive or when cutting the extra wallpaper. There are self-adhesive wallpapers that make it a lot easy to apply. Just clean the wall and paste the wallpaper. This process is better and less messy than going for wall paint and painting the walls of the room. Paint is a messy job that would get the floor dirty and even the one painting the walls.

No Mess

3: Brighten the Space

Depending on the pattern and color tath are used for the wallpaper, make the place bright and spacious. You can add nice colorful wallpaper to the hallway to make the area feel bright, adding a few lights around as well. Wallpaper is available in many patterns and colors and thus this provides you with the choice of selecting the right one for the room. If you want to go with a light aesthetic, select the one with neutral shades and minimal patterns and vice versa.

Brighten the Space

4: Hides Wall Flaws

If you have a wall that got a few scratches or some flaws such as small holes or any other thing that would look bad, can easily be covered with wallpaper. If you have minor problems on the wall that can not be a problem then you can go with the wallpaper and cover it, making the room look fresh and new. You can even hide some dents and flaws with the help of wallpapers with effects such as 3D effects.

Hides Wall Flaws

5: Adds Personality

If you want to make your room look taller, you can go for a wallpaper that has vertical lines going from the ceiling to the floor. If you are looking for ways to add color, go with wallpaper that has bright colors or pints on it. You can add more to the theme of the room with the help of these, go for a monochromatic look, create a formal room, a kid’s room and so many more. There are so many ways you can use wallpaper and make the space look better.

adds personality

Wallpapers add more texture and color to the place, making the area feel a lot bright and more colorful. You now know about all the different pros of using wallpaper. We made your selection a bit easier and saved you from the dilemma. With a long list of different types of wallpaper such as paper, vinyl, nonwoven, fabric, and many others this provides you with the type of texture you want to add to your house and decorate it easily. Some of the wallpapers are removable and temporary which makes it easy to change the room of the house whenever needed. Renovate and create a stunning room.