Happy (just around the corner) Halloween season. Halloween means spooky decorations, loads and loads of treats, and fun, and a party. People have started preparing to celebrate the spookiest day. Some might even say that it’s too early to start the preparations however they don’t know that it’s never too early for a celebration. Select your outfit and plan how you are going to decorate your beautiful abode with chilly and scary decorations. Doesn’t matter if you are going out or just staying at home this season, Halloweens cannot be celebrated without extravagance. The real test of a Halloween fan is to see how well they adorned their house and how big and spooky they went with the decorations. If you cannot decide as to what to do to clear this Halloween test, continue reading and find out the Halloween décor trends you can use this time.


Handmade craft

We all went crazy during the quarantines and lockdowns and experimented with every other thing. Let’s use the creativity that we found during this period and get it into use. You can easily use or even reuse some stuff and make it into a great decoration piece. Look out for DIYs and ger yourself some cute pieces that will make the home look cozy and spooky both at the same time. Use garlands, pumpkins, cover tissue rolls into cute pumpkins, experiment all you want, and give your place a new look.


Extravagant yard décor 

Have you seen an 8 or even a 12 feet tall skeleton standing spookily at someone’s yard and welcoming you? The craze to decorate the yard with larger-than-life displays has increased in recent times. People are getting so into it that they are decorating the yard so creatively and feel proud when you can see their decorations even at some distance. You can use giant spiders, a huge statue of a grim reaper, ghost trees, skeletons hanging around in your yard, and many more. Use your creativity and give your yard the extravagant look it deserves during this spooky time and turn your yard into the spookiest yard people have ever seen. 


The famous Witchcore aesthetic

This aesthetic is the spookiest aesthetic and can be seen as a lifestyle for some people. Some people out their life enjoying this lifestyle. Witchcore can provide so many ideas and inspirations to decorate your house. It can make it look more alluring. The use of darker colors and patterns can make the place look supernatural. Those famous crystal balls, spooky lights, creating a smoky effect, decorating the place using animals like bats, playing some scary theme music, creating witch portions using different drinks are some ideas you can use to decorate your place. All I can say is people will be a little bewitched seeing your decoration.


The trendy metallic colors

Metallic colors can bring out the best in anything. They make ordinary things look exquisite. Metallic doesn’t only mean metallic paint. It can also mean different decorating things such as balloons, wrappers, etc. get yourself some metallic paint that brushes it out on the decoration you have and see the difference it can easily make. Get some metallic balloons and pair them with other balloons and use them as an item of decoration. You can even decide which look to go for with different metallic colors. If you want some modern touch looks for the matte metallic ones and if you wish to decorate the place with some warm touch, go for gold or bronze.


The iconic harvest décor 

How can we miss the infamous, iconic harvest décor? The pumpkins and the hay rolls laying in the yard, the leaf garlands decorating the walls, and the wooden theme to the dining area. This is the simple yet elegant decoration one can use to feel the festive season. This is the décor for people who like to celebrate and decorate their houses in a festive way instead of some set straight out of a horror movie.

This festive season, get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new spooky and freaky trends. Start preparing your Halloween home and decorating it with items you like the most. Try the ideas above. Give your house a makeover this season. You can decorate it in a simple homely feel or go all above and make it look like some horror movie’s set. You can go out and celebrate it or stay in and enjoy the festival. This is your festival and should be decorated and celebrated the way you want. Enjoy Halloween!