You must be familiar with the fashion aesthetic called Dark Academia. To give you a quick glance. This aesthetic is all about academics, art, scholarly vibes, books, and mystery. This aesthetic is all about dark hues, cozy surroundings with books and furniture around. It seems a little bit dark and dangerous but in reality, this aesthetic is pleasing and comforting. You will see a lot of rugs, comforters, books, candles, dark furniture in a room decorated by this aesthetic.

If you are someone who is interested in this style and want to know how to decorate your room in this aesthetic then look below to have an idea of stuff you can use to decorate the room.


Dark hues

This aesthetic is named Dark aesthetic due to the elements that make up this style. The room styled in this aesthetic is painted with dark hues such as shades of brown or darker shades of neutrals and beige. Usually, the walls are adorned with shades of brown color to create cozy yet mystic vibes. Vibrant colors or prints are not used in this décor as that will disturb the whole look of the room. The color scheme while decorating the room is similar to the color scheme used when selecting clothes for this aesthetic.


Dark furniture

The name of this aesthetic suggests the type of furniture used in the room. Dark wood is used to adorn the place. Bed, table, chair and other furniture put in the room all has to be made of dark wood. The whole vibe of the place is dark; thus, this is the only furniture that can complement the aesthetic. Any other colored furniture might ruin the décor style we are going after. This dark furniture adds up to the mysterious vibe that this aesthetic possesses.



You already know this type of aesthetic is all about literature and scholars. And what more can be better for these two elements than books. Books and literature go hand in hand and if you wish to create some literature-based décor that books are the best décor elements. You can create a corner with all your favorite books or can make a bookshelf for one. You can decorate the books in different ways. You can create a bookshelf and place it behind your bed making a bookshelf headboard or can create a cozy little corner where you can read your books.



Keep in mind to create some soft, warm, and cozy bedding. This aesthetic prefers soft, cozy bedding with layers of sheets, comforter, blankets, pillows on the bed. The mattress should be bulky and comfortable. All this is used to create the vibe of an old historic dorm. The colors used in these bedding are usually shades of neutral, browns, beige, or white. Here the bed is decorated with a lot of pillows with a soft blanket and a throw. Make sure that you create one that makes you feel comfortable.


Accents and accessories

Now that the important stuff is placed in the room, such as bed, bookshelves, furniture, and others. Now is the time to accessorize the room. You can use some handcrafted stuff or some stuff that has stories attached to it. Keep in mind that whatever you choose should match the dark vibes. You can light up some candles around. Put a mirror somewhere in the room. You can use some golden accents to adorn the room. For some literary vibes, you can decorate your place with some historical literary stuff like some ink and pen with some old watch and many more.

This is how you can decorate your room in the famous dark academia aesthetic. If you are interested in this aesthetic then go for it and design your room accordingly. Be creative and add new elements to this décor. Always keep looking for what aesthetic goes best with your personality and your vibe. You can always experiment and switch between aesthetics or can even have none or more than one aesthetic. Decorate your room with all the stuff you like and create a little personal sanctuary. Enjoy your new interior décor!