There is a lot of stuff hidden in the closet, drawers, and cabinets that are of no use but we just clutter it and keep it in the house because it has some emotions. Having a few things, labeled as emotionally attached is a different thing but when you keep on piling things up in the name of sentiments and then even forget about them, not use them ever and they just take up additional space in the house. Giving them away would be a way to clean the house and make more storage space for other things to be kept in the house. You should not allow your place to be cluttered and look bad.


1: Evaluate and Differentiate

When you are looking for ways to remove unwanted yet sentimental junk from your house then you can do so by evaluating all the things present that needs to be out of the house and then differentiating between them to segregate what to keep and what to throw away. You can keep things that hold emotions to you and things close to your heart, but there are certain things you need to get away with to clear space.


2: Save Things Digitally

If you have pictures or cards or things that can be digitally transformed then you can get them saved digitally and save a lot of your space. Not only will it save you a lot of space but will also help you in taking these things with you whenever and wherever. This allows you in saving your pictures and use them whenever needed without creating or using extra space in the area. There are so many things that can be stored digitally rather than keeping a hard copy of it.

Save Things Digitally

3: Not Guilty

When you are looking for things to remove from your storage area that causes clutter and chaos then you need to be strong-headed and not feel guilty about removing things from your house. These things make your house feel cluttered and look bad and thus you have the right to throw these things away. There are many ways you can throw them away without feeling bad. But when throwing them away and out of the house you should not feel guilty about it.

not guilty

4: Repurposing

If you do not wish to throw things away from you and want to keep them forever then instead of keeping them stored in a place and hoarding the area you can find another purpose for them. You can repurpose the gift or the junk you can collect and make it useful to you. For example, you can repurpose a simple gift box and create a ring box with it. You can use your things for different purposes.


5: Donating Goodies

If there are things that are in good condition that you would feel throwing away in the bin then you can donate them to someone who would need that. this way you would help a person by providing them with things they need and thus would not feel guilty about throwing the things. For example, if there are clothes that were gifted to you but are of no use to you, you can give them to people who would need them and thus help them.


There are so many other things that you can keep in the house and store in the areas where you have kept this old junk. You should not let all these things accumulate in the house. The list above would help you in removing a lot of sentimental junk and thus provide you with a cleaner and tidier space in the house that would allow you to store more useful things. These junk items are of no use and need and still are held on to by people. Look for other ways you can let go of these items and thus improve your decor. It would be a bit difficult to do so but you can do it with determination.