Today what we are discussing is a thing that can prove to be useful for you in different ways. If you want something in your indoor space or in your kitchen that would make it look fresh and airy, and at the same time be a thing that is useful as well, consider planting fresh herbs. It is the most innovative way to add to aesthetics that would prove highly functional as well. Adding herbs to the kitchen can help you to enhance flavors of any dish that would excite your taste buds and that too, without eating anything unhealthy. But you need to be very cautious in maintaining them as they get spoilt too easily. They are the items that come with a heavy price tag. So the solution to this common problem is to set up a garden in your indoor space and plant a few of the best ones in it. You simply need to choose a corner of your house that is well-lit and accessible at the same time. Create a local garden that would help you to serve healthy, flavorsome meals. And if you are confused about which herbs can be the best ones to plant, then we have listed the best ones for you.


Oregano is certainly one herb that you would find on every dining table of home or a restaurant. So this can surely be one of those herbs you can consider planting in your indoor garden. It just needs the apt amount of sunlight in moderation and water once the surface of the soil becomes dry. Whenever you need to use it, just snip off a stem and strip the leaves from it. Oregano gives out its best flavor when dried. So if you are organizing a pre-planned dinner, wash a few of them and keep it in a well-ventilated place to dry. Otherwise, you can also do this by keeping a few of them in your oven. Give your dishes that needed punch by using this flavorsome herb.


You can plant this if you are looking for something that would make your kitchen smell good. Rosemary needs plenty of shade while giving your indoor space a nice, herbal smell. It is a great garnishing herb that adds that lacking the punch of taste to soups and roasts. Make sure when you add them, you keep the stems long enough so that your guests can spot them. But if you don’t want them to be seen, just mince them properly and then incorporate them into the dish.


This is the healthiest option on the list. It is much more than a garnish. Probably, one of the best herb to grow indoors, Parsley is an awesome combination of iron, calcium, fiber, and vitamin C. Incorporate them into dishes like soups and sauces to make it more nutritious. You can even use it to enhance the presentation skills by sprinkling it on the top of the dishes by adding a dash of green color. And when it comes to planting, it grows best in a deep pot with a good amount of sunlight.


It is a herb that is most commonly added in sauces and roasts, making them look attractive. Thyme is grown in an environment that receives a good amount of sunlight. It needs water from time to time, so do take care of it. This versatile herb is not only limited to solid dishes but also used to garnish lemonade and cocktails.


Put it in a spot that receives sufficient sunlight. And whenever you need to use it, always pick leaves from the top. Prevent it from flowering, though it might look good, it will leave you with less flavorful leaves. The best part is you can grow it from a seed, sprouting your own basil plant from next to nothing.