Feng shui is becoming a very common practice nowadays. It is an excellent way to bring in good vibes to your space and make it feel more energized and positive. Feng shui is a traditional practice that originated in China, adopting this practice in your home enables you to harmonize yourself with the surroundings using energy forces. For someone who is new to this thing, figuring ways out to create good feng shui in your home can be a bit overwhelming experience, however, it’s doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

Cultivating good feng shui in your space is the key to maximizing the flow of energy in your home and life. If you are looking for ways to improve the vibes of your space, you happen to stumble upon the right place. Keeping your house clean and clutter-free isn’t the only way to improve the flow of energy into your space; incorporating some basic elements and making some prerequisite changes will instantly change the vibes of your living space.


Make seating look more inviting

The way your furniture is arranged in the living room can influence the vibes and flow of energy in the space. In order to create good feng shui in your living space, it’s essential to arrange your furniture tactfully, especially when it comes to seating. The key to making your living space appear more inviting is by adding comfortable seating. In addition to adding sofas and armchairs, you can also create some cozy corners featuring a small side table and chairs. The seating in your living space should be enough for all your guests to sit on, just make sure to arrange the chairs in a way so that they are facing each other and it’s easier to encourage conversations.


Indoor plants

Feng shui includes five elements, and one of its main elements is wood. Adding this element inside your space invokes the feeling of compassion and kindness. And there’s no better wood element than indoor plants to freshen up your space and infuse the room with positive energy and good vibes. Adding plants inside your home also enables you to connect with nature, additionally; plants are also known to purify the air, which is an additional advantage.


Add an area rug

Earth is one of the five elements of feng shui, and one of the best ways to incorporate this element inside your space is by adding an area rug. You can use a flat square-shaped rug in your living space; it not only helps to ground the space but also invokes the feeling of stability and good health. Area rugs are the closest thing you could have to Mother Nature inside your living space; lay it underneath the furniture and it will always make you feel more supported.


Fresh flowers

Infuse your living space with elements of nature such as fresh-cut flowers. Incorporating fresh flowers inside your space not only brings joy but also creates a better flow of energy into the space. In addition to that, fresh flowers also infuse the space with aroma, colors, beauty, and life energy. You can either put a single flower in a vase, or you can put a bunch of them, just make sure to feed them with water and let them go when they have expired.



Be it natural or artificial, lighting is one of the most essential elements in any space of your home, including the living room. Not only living beings are fond of lighting, but every corner of your house could also use a good amount of lighting as it livens up the space and make it feel more alive and bright. Other than relying on your windows to allow the passage of light, you can also use artificial lightings, such as lamps and fixtures.