Feng Shui has now become a very common practice amongst homeowners; it is a traditional practice, which originated from ancient China. Adapting this practice in your home allows the individual to get in harmony with the surroundings with the use of energy forces. Given the current situation, the feeling of being trapped inside the home for an extended period can start to feel extremely overwhelming, and that can affect your mood, leaving you feeling frustrated and stressed. Not many people know this, but the kind of environment you are in living in has a bigger role to play in affecting your mood. And since lockdown continues to be imposed in several regions of the country, it becomes even more important to Feng Shui your home and restores the peace and calm into it.

Getting yourself harmonized with your surroundings can be a great step towards keeping yourself calm and composed while you’re stuck inside your home during the lockdown. And if you are looking for ways to restore peace in your home, you have come to the right place. Listed below are a few Feng Shui practices that you can adapt in your home during these testing times.


Get started with the hallway

Since the hallway is the entrance of your house, it’s better to start from that corner and make it look as tranquil as you can. Your hallway is the first thing any person looks at while entering inside the house, and the way it looks can greatly affect the mood. Therefore, you should always keep the hallway as tidy and clutter-free as possible. Get rid of all the clutter, including your shoes, coats, bags, parcels, letters, or anything miscellaneous that are only making that corner looking untidy and cluttered. Keeping the area organized will help in making the hallway exhibit peaceful and tranquil energy.


Keep your workstation clutter-free

No matter if you have a dedicated space in your house which you can call your office or making use of different corners of your house to create a nice workstation, either way, the key to creating the perfect environment and peaceful surroundings around that particular area is to keep the space clutter-free, especially if you are working in your bedroom. As per the studies, your bedroom can affect you the most, hence why, whenever you are done working, make sure to clean the desk or your work-station every single day. Cluttered areas can affect you in more ways than you can imagine, peaceful energy is replaced with low energy that remains stagnant, resulting in a lowered flow of positive energy to your home and life.


Clean dirty windows and re-hang the pictures

Several aspects of your home can affect Feng Shui negatively, and not having clean windows or hanging crooked photographs is one of those factors. To ensure the easy flow of positive energy within you and your home, you must keep the windows dirt-free as they allow you to see the outside world, which is even important nowadays since outdoor movement is kind of restricted. Clean the windows from both outdoor and indoor, which won’t only allow a better flow of energy but will also improve the natural lighting, making the space appear more lively and your mood more jovial. Also, when it comes to the pictures or any kind of framed photograph, make sure that they are hanged high on the walls and not low as it can impact your mood.


The choice of color matters

If you are looking to create a sense of tranquility and balance in your home, make sure you use the right colors for your space. When it comes to colors used in Feng Shui, they are represented by five natural elements of metal, earth, wood, water, and fire. You can use either of the elements or a combination of them. Each color exhibits different kinds of energy and depending on the kind of energy you are looking to incorporate in your home, you can choose the element accordingly. Bring a can of paint, and paint the walls to make the energy feel more positive.