The ceiling is often neglected and is just painted in a simple shade. This is also a part of the room and can truly transform the aura of the place. this should be considered a part of the decor and thus should be taken into consideration when you are selecting the color for the area. The right color can make the area feel spacious and the wrong color might make the area feel cramped and uninviting. You need to give attention to the ceiling as well as it contributed to the total look of the room. There are several ways you can decorate your ceiling and make the room look trendy and stylish but with the styles and trends, you need to select the paint and accents on the ceiling before.


1: Brown

If you have a big open space and want that space to feel more closed and cozy then you can use this warm shade that would help you create warmth in the room. You can use this color if you are working with wood in the room and have a lot of wooden elements in the room such as furniture or wooden panels. you can use this shade on the ceilings of your bedroom or in a movie or family room to add warmth and to make the space feel homely and fun to be in.


2: Yellow

A rare shade to use when it comes to ceilings or even rooms. yellow is an energetic shade and this can make the area energetic and lively. Thus if you are looking for a way to make the room feel lively you should use yellow color for the ceilings. Add a light fixture that would adorn the place and make the ceiling look better. You can go with a simple and neutral color to decorate the rest of the room so as to balance the brightness of the ceiling.


3: Blue

Paint your ceiling blue like the sky making the area feel calm and soothing. Blue color, especially light or sky blue has a calming aura to it which can make the person feel at ease when they see it and this is the feeling one wants when they get back home or when they take a rest in their room, thus you should paint your ceiling with a shade of light blue that can be decorated with either dark blue or white accents along with many ceiling lights.


4: Wooden Accent

Another way to decorate the ceiling of the room is by decorating the area with wooden accents. You must have seen wooden panels on the floors and walls but what if we tell you to use these wooden panels on the ceilings and make great decor with them? These panels on the ceilings make the room feel warm and relaxed, this is a great way to cover up any issue on the ceiling and is also easy to maintain. You can clean your ceiling easily.

Wooden Accent

5: Myrtle Green

Use a darker shade of green known as myrtle green for your ceilings. This shade has a touch of teal or cyan to it along with a hint of gray in it. This would be the darkest shade on the list that you can go for and decorate your ceiling with. This shade is such a stunner and makes your room look super regal. Having a darker tone makes this shade ideal for open spaces such as a living room or a room with lots of windows and space in it.

Myrtle Green

These are the paints that are used by people to decorate the ceilings and that can be used by you to adorn the place. There are so many other options to look for along with different kinds of lights and styles. You can go for a false ceiling style with different types of lights adorning the ceiling and making the place look stylish and bright. You can go for some other fixtures that would make your room look super cool and thus would help you elevate the look of your room. You need to be creative and look for the style according to the theme selected.