The slow living style can be seen as a decor that goes with the notion of not decorating the space. Which is not at all true. This style of decor has simple and quality elements rather than going out for the trends. The slow living style looks for a relaxing environment where you can have a great time with your family and friends and where you can have a peaceful space. This style is all about having quality things, things that are needed for comfort and that would be driven by personal needs and not by the factors such as trends, aesthetics, or any such. You need to look for ways you can add this stunning decor style to your house and make the space feel calm and composed.


1: Calming Color Palette

This is the style where you need to have calming and soothing effects that can be added to the place with the help of colors. You can add a more calming aura to the room with the help of cool and soft colors such as beige, cream, white, brown, and all the light and soft shades. This will help you have a simple decor style in the house.

Calming Color Palette

2: Quality Over Quantity

This style takes a lot of focus on quality rather than quality. You can have a small number of things but those things have to be of great quality. This helps in having good quality stuff and not running behind all the new and stylish trends that change now and then. These trends might not have great quality. Thus you need to look for quality over quantity in a slow-living style.

Quality Over Quantity

3: Natural Elements

Add natural elements as much as possible. You can add them with the help of furniture or plants. There are so many wooden elements and furniture such as wood, rattan, bamboo, and others that would add this natural element. You can also go for the indoor plants that would make the area look fresh and vibrant with the green leaves around the place. These natural elements make the place feel warm and comfortable.

Natural Elements

4: Cozy Textile

When you are looking for ways to make your house decorated in the slow living style then you need to make the interior decorated in a manner that provides coziness. You can do so with the help of warm and cozy textiles. You can use these textiles when you are enhancing the area such as using velvet for the couch and sofas and using linen or cotton for the bedsheets and pillows. This way you can add simple yet cozy elements to make the area feel the same.

Cozy Textile

5: Cutesy Stuff

The big decorative items such as furniture and upholstery are not the only thing that can be used in the style. More so the smaller things such as other decorative items make up the style. You can add these small elements to the interior and make the area look good. These are small throw cushions, wall hanging, wall art, and all the small elements that would make it easy to add more decor to the place. These small and simple elements will help you in decorating the area in a beautiful manner.

Cutesy Stuff

These are some of the many elements that would be needed in the slow-living style that would then help you in making a calm and soothing environment in the house. Let’s not complicate this simple style and get pressurised into styling the house in a certain way. You can get to know more about this and see if you would want to have quality items in the house that would make your area feel composed. There are so many other aesthetics and decor styles that you can go for if you do not want to go for this one. Slow living is all bout being simple and calm and having a relaxing time at home, not worrying about the latest trends or changing the room whenever a new style comes.