Ever got an invitation to a formal dinner party and turned it down because you find it difficult to cope with the mannerism of one? If you are thinking not to go on the next one too, I would recommend don’t do it. It is not just you who gets perplexed on using the right fork while seated at a sophisticated place. Many people feel like this. They don’t get enough opportunities to practice the formal table manners so that they get confident enough when attending one.

All you need is some time to learn the right set of skills. You will become habitual with them, and they will get to your muscle memory. It will begin to feel quite natural, and you would not have to think in which hand to pick up the fork and at which side to keep the knife. You will begin to have fun when all of these things come easy to you.

Know how to make the right impression when you are at an elegant dinner party or some lavish restaurant with these tips.

Simply Follow the Lead

Even if, by chance, you are completely unaware of the right etiquettes, you need to simply sit comfortably. Patiently follow the steps of the host when she starts with her meal. Even if she is not doing it correctly, it will act as a sign of courtesy and respect. Don’t say anything and bring it to everyone’s attention as it might embarrass the host and make her feel low.

Be aware of the right eating Techniques.

Know beforehand the right eating manners if you want to create a nice impression in front of everyone. Just follow a single technique so that you don’t mess up.

If you go for the American Technique, hold the knife in hand, you regularly use to cut down the meat and then switch it over with the fork to eat it. And if in case you are going with the British one, hold the knife in hand you regularly use and fork in the other to save yourself from the task of switching over the knife. Whatever it is, do it with poise and grace.

Use a bowl-shaped or larger oval spoon when eating soup by firmly placing the bowl on the table. Overcome the urge to pick the bowl when you are left with a spoon or two in the bowl. When eating a bread slice, don’t use fork and knife as it is finger food. Just butter one or two bites at a time instead of doing the whole piece in a single go. It may seem awkward and messy if you do the latter one.

The Right Cutlery Placement

What is the most basic part of a formal dinner? The dinner table and the proper mannerism of the utensils. They should be placed in the correct order starting from farthest from the plate and working your way inwards. Forks will be placed on the left with the salad fork first, followed by the dinner fork beside the plate. When you pay attention to the right side, you will find a knife, appetizer or salad knife, spoon, soup spoon, and the oyster fork placed from left to right. The knife blades are positioned generally by facing them towards the plate.

Learn the purpose of each tool

Utensils act as tools on a dinner table, and each one of them has a purpose. Maybe at an informal dinner, you can eat chicken with your hands but not at a formal place. Always use the fork and make sure you don’t point them while you make any conversations. It doesn’t look good. Avoid calling out if anyone makes any mistake, just pay attention to your etiquette and give the finest performance.