Your bedroom is probably the most important room in your house and you sure would do everything in your ability to make it look beautiful, stylish and relaxing at the same time. Nobody actually likes to wake up in a space that appears completely dead to you from walls, which would literally look like you’ve been living in a white box that’s just there in your home to help you get some sleep. Well, that shouldn’t be the mindset when decorating as your bedroom as these tiny things are what that completes your space and make it look both functional and stylish at the same time. Devoiding your walls of any kind of decoration do nothing for the beautification of your bedroom in fact, it tends to bring down the whole appearance of the room and make it look boring.

No matter your budget, there are some easy ways for everyone out there who are looking to update the walls of their bedroom and make it appear more lively and chic.


Add a sculpture

If artwork or colorful walls are not really your thing, then you can consider adding a big accent sculpture to one wall of your bedroom. It is a great way to add visual interest as well as dimension to the room and make it look more stylish and striking. As far as the sculpture is concerned, you will be able to find them in a huge variety at the local stores. Look for something that would be able to speak volumes for your bedroom space and adds a certain interest and appeal to the room. A metallic sculpture will work wonderfully for your bedroom space as it will help to add a sense of luxury and elegance into the room.


Beautify the walls with a mural

Murals are an easy alternative to wallpapers and paint colors that may or may not look as wonderful as these murals look. This will help to add so much dimension and depth in the room and make it appear visually more appealing. Murals also work quite amazingly for the aesthetic of your bedroom’s decor. If you’re good at artwork then you yourself can create a mural of your choice on the wall and if not, then you can always hire someone to do the job for you. The best thing about getting murals done on the walls is you can get it made the way you like.


Hang a textile on the wall

Now, this is something very new which can be very amusing and statement worthy at the same time. To make things look more cozy and soft in your bedroom, you can consider hanging a textile on the wall which won’t only work favorably for the appearance of the room but it will also help to add colors and patterns to the space. Instead of working your way with wall paint or wallpapers which can be a little expensive, you can use fabrics to fill up the bare walls and create an electric space in your house.


Create a gallery wall

Filling up the empty wall space with pictures is the easiest way to make things work favorably for you. Creating a gallery wall is not only one of the most popular ways to work with those empty walls but it’s also quite easy to achieve. You can choose to display pictures from your personal collection which can be of anything such as family, travel or even some of your artwork. This will warm up the bedroom space and make it look more personal and happy. You can miss match different shapes, sizes, and finishes of frames to create a stylish and trendsetting gallery wall.


An oversized artwork

You don’t always have to go all out to make a statement with your walls, sometimes, something as simple as an oversized artwork would do the trick and make your bedroom appear whole and finished. A gallery wall may appear a little too messy for you; therefore, you can choose to keep things a little sophisticated and polished by adding on oversized artwork to one wall of your bedroom.