Who doesn’t like having a nice and beautiful garden in their house. It is one great way of getting closer to the mother nature. With time, mini gardens have gained quite a popularity amongst the gardeners. This is especially for people who don’t have the required space for gardening or the means to have a full-sized one. Whether a new garden or an enthusiast one, the gardening process can be a little confusing for some to begin with. However, creating your own little garden is not that difficult. You can easily create it using some supplies and the required things.

We have listed some ways that will help you in creating your own little garden. Keep on reading to know.

1. Look for a suitable pot or container

First things first, you will need a suitable pot or container to grow your plants in. you can opt for different containers such as glass bowls, plastic pots, and a terracotta pot. Opt for container that has drain holes at the bottom so that the water drains through the soil whenever you water them. Having holes at the bottom of the pots or container is an important step in order to promote healthy plant growth. Terracotta pots are considered to be an ideal choice for growing plants as they come with drainage holes in it and are also known to be good at holding the potting soil.

2. Use potting soil and stones

There is no plant without soil. The second thing you will have to do is to collect some soil either from the local nursery or in the gardening section of the nearby stores. With that make sure the soil is rich in nutrients and has all the elements to it in order to promote healthy growth of a plant. You can also use the stones to lay at the bottom of the pot before putting in the soil. And if not then you can use some stones to decorate your garden with. You can opt for small stones of different colors and textures.

3. Decide on plants

Here comes the tricky part. Deciding on plants is not the easiest thing when it comes to gardening. There are myriad options and varieties to choose from. However, if you are very much clear on what your purchases will be then you may go ahead and if not then you will first have to know for what purpose you are planting those. If they are only for decoration purpose then you may go ahead with some beautiful flowers and succulents and if you are planting them for utility then you can opt for some herbs, easy to grow veggies that won’t take much space. The best approach to planting in your garden is to opt for plants that are easy to grow and doesn’t require much attention or care like spider plants, begonias, and firecracker plants.

4. Put soil, stones, and plants to the pot

Now that everything is arranged, you will start with the gardening process. If you are using a glass container you will have to put some stones first. This technique will ensure your plants get all the nutrients and it also helps in draining the soil really well. Put in the soil in the container up to its rim and start digging small holes in it using a knife or small shovel. While putting the plants in the holes make sure not to touch or break the root balls and get rid of all the dead leaves by trimming it. Once the plants are well placed in there, make sure to pat soil over the roots.

5. Take care of them

Now that the planting process is done, the next step is to start taking care of them as you wouldn’t want all your hard work to go in vain. Place the pot in a spot where it gets indirect sunlight. Don’t do this mistake of placing them in direct sunlight as it may damage the plants. Keep checking the pot for its soil texture and if the soil feels dry it means it needs to be watered again. Keep watering them periodically and make sure not to overwater them or else they will die.