Have you finally hit the point where you just cannot take any more of this self-isolating or quarantine period? Believe us, you are not alone, we all are on the same boat, and it can feel a bit frustrating at times. Other than keeping yourself occupied by cooking, doing daily chores, managing your work, you can choose to be a lot more productive and useful that will certainly help you relieve some stress. Looking for ways to kill the time has now become essential, and what better than using your creativity and trying innovative things such as trying DIY home decor ideas.

Your previous lifestyle may not have given you ample time to work on your home decor and indulge in some DIYs, but now that you have been staying home, you can put this opportunity to good use by indulging in some art and craftwork that will help you amp up the appearance of your home. Listed below are some constructive DIY home decor ideas that you can try during the lockdown.


Customize your own lampshade

Lamps are some of the most important decor accessories that can totally use a makeover right now. With you being probably bored of looking at the same lamp, you can choose to customize your own lampshade just the way you like. You can make it more personalized by adding a few elements and designs to the lamp, such as painting the base of the lamp and replacing the lampshade with a new fabric. A can of paint, brush, adhesive, and a nice fabric is all that you need to get started with it.


A rope basket

A rope basket has a very vintage feel to it, and you can incorporate that vibe into your house by creating one of your own rope baskets. Customizing a rope basket is relatively easy, and all you will need is a heavy rope, hot glue, and spray paint, which is completely optional. Having additional storage space can be such a blessing, and these rope baskets will certainly give you ample storage place to put your items in whilst also working towards the aesthetic of your home.


Decorate the wall with your plates

Looking for an amazing out-of-the-box home decor idea? You might find this decor idea incredibly interesting. While normal people use their plates to serve the meals or display them in their crockery cabinet, you can take things to another level by displaying these gorgeous plates on the wall of your dining room or kitchen to add an aesthetic touch to the space and make it the focal point. You can use plates of all different colors and sizes to keep everything looking interesting and beautiful.


Fringe wall hanging

If you are looking to fill up an empty wall, you might wanna give this stunning decor idea a try. The fringe wall hanging is a very popular DIY home decor idea; it beautifies the wall space like nothing else and elevates the visual appearance of the room. All you need is a metal ring and a bunch of yarn to make your own fringe wall hanging. This decor idea works for any kind of space, and it also adds a very cozy feel into the room.


A string lampshade

If you don’t have a lampshade at home, you can easily create one by yourself at home. This is an excellent way to make a stunning lampshade that certainly adds a whole new vibe to your space and lits up the room quite wonderfully. Take a blown-up balloon and use it as a mold. The next step is to dip the strings in adhesive and carefully wrap them around the balloon. Once the adhesive has dried, you can take the balloon out. Plug the string into the switchboard, and your string lampshade will illuminate the entire room.