Dining tables are the face of every exquisite corner in the house and make one specific corner in the house designer and stylish. This corner is blessed with the existence of this dining table because it adds to the overall aesthetics and makes any home look fancy and modish. Dining tables are the essence of the dining area so close attention should be paid to the material that you pick them in. There are a number of materials in which you can pick a dining table for your space and curate an elegant looking area. This material can vary from marble, granite, glass and even steel because with so many divisions in home decor, there is nothing left untouched now. Each of the materials that you choose has its own pros and cons, maintenance costs, benefits as well as looks. Choose carefully according to the overall theme of the room.

The following materials are trending in dining table countertops and reflect the modish designs effortlessly.

Wooden Dining table

Wood is one of the most timeless and posh pieces in home decor materials. It can be used almost everywhere from dining tables to coffee tables to porch area to wall decor and flooring. There is no place in the house where you cannot add a touch of wood. Everything has its own charm but the charm of wooden material is absolutely exclusive. It has this amazing feature that no matter how many years pass by, it will never grow old. It is said to be a traditional countertop for dining tables but with so many modish designs, it has made its way towards the contemporary seating area. The home aesthetics associated with wood are actually something else. Moreover, modern wooden tables look beautiful in design and are also long-lasting. Pick walnut finish and teak wood for a fancy design.

Marble Dining table

A marble dining table is one of our favorite picks in dining tables because it has that charm and style to it that it looks good in every kind of dining room. No matter what is the theme of the room that you are picking, the marble dining table will always look flattering. Pick it in neutral or mid-tone colors so that it continues to be a posh part of your area. A glamorous, modern and luxurious design in dining tables, this marble table is a unique piece. It has low maintenance but lasts for a really long period in your home. A generation can pass by but this dining table will not lose its quality and appeal. Moreover, it can bear the heat of hot utensils placed on it. It can easily withstand that heat and make it a perfect pick for your dining room.

Glass Dining table

A glass dining table is another exquisite piece in dining tables. It is seen in almost every home and there is a reason for it. A glass dining table is definitely a stylish as well as contemporary design in dining tables. It is popular for so many tables like nesting tables, coffee tables, office desks, etc. A glass dining table is going to be your ultimate styling piece for a dining room because it will reflect the elegance of your area. The best benefit of glass is that it’s easy to clean and matches almost any decor, theme and look of the dining area. The best thing about glass is that it looks neat and sturdy because of sleek and modern designs. A beautiful addition to your dining area, this one is also seen in self designs and colorful patterns or embellishments.

Granite Dining table

A granite dining table is one of the most exclusive designs in tables. If you are looking for something that will add color and vibrancy to your dining area, then this it. A granite dining table will not only make your area look bigger and stylish but will also add a fancy color to it. This granite marble table is a definite piece of art and is one of the top choices for those tables where there is a lot of foot traffic. Because of a variety of color options, this one works best for all kinds of dining rooms. It stands up well with heat and doesn’t require much maintenance. The only thing you must be careful about is the type of cleaning methods that you use for this table.