One of the ways to change the look of a room or to make it altogether new is to make some subtle or some big changes on the walls of the room. You can change all the walls or you can add some new elements to the wall. These new elements add a new personality to the room and make the room look more decorative. You can use different kinds of wall/décor accents and make the room look fresher and brighter with the decoration on the walls.

If you are looking for some small changes or if you are looking for making some big statement in your house or a particular room, look for the wall accent ideas listed below to make those changes happen.

Make an art/photo gallery

If you are looking for something to make the place more comfortable and artistic at the same time you can select one of the walls of any room, most likely the one that gets the most attention and use it as a photo or art gallery. You can create a theme such as dark with light and paint the walls with some dark color to enhance the light art or photos. You can make your own art gallery with the works you have made or the ones you have collected over the years. You can also make it a photo gallery with all the different photos you have.

Use curtains and macrame to decorate the wall

This is an artist and boho approach to the room. If you are looking up to make the room a bit flowy and artistic then this is one of the ways to do so. You need some sheer curtains on your windows and can decorate the rest of the wall with some macrame. Macrame is a great way to decorate any space. They make up a great décor element that can easily elevate the look. They are usually made up of textile thread that are of neutral colors and this can be used to add some neutrals to any room.

Put some plants on the shelves

Another way you can decorate the wall of your place is by adding some pots to it. This can be done by installing some shelves on the wall in a pattern and then putting some indoor leafy plants on it. You can also hang some plants from the ceiling near the wall to make up a nice décor around it. one of the easiest ways to enhance the look of the room and to make it livelier and brighter is by putting some indoor plants in the room. And here not only are you enhancing the room but also making the wall look better.

Mirror mirror on the wall

There are several ways you can use a mirror to enhance and elevate the décor. You can use it as a décor element, as a wall accent, and others. One way you can make the room look wider, brighter, and bigger is by installing a big mirror on the wall or you can even use and make the whole wall cover with mirrors. This way it will make the room look brighter and bigger and at the same time makes the best wall accent and help you create a great statement wall.

Paint or wooden patterns on the wall

This can be said to be an easy way to cover a wall and make it look good. This will make a small change that will change the whole vibe of the room. All you need to do is use some paints and create patterns with them on the wall. This will help you make a cool accent wall. You can even put some wooden planks and install them on the wall in a manner that they cover the wall and paint over them to create a nice pattern on the wall.

These ideas for a great accent wall are not too time-consuming and can be done by yourself on a weekend itself. You can get some professionals too but the ideas mentioned above do not need much work and can be done easily. You can get some versatile accents that can be multipurpose and can be of both decorative and other purposes. Try these ideas or get some inspiration from these ideas and make your own accent wall.