Which is the messiest part of your house? I think it is easy to guess. Of course, it is your kids’ room. You may clean it uncountable times but would find it disheveled after they have a nice playing session every other day. So what is the solution? Obviously, to clear it, you can make your work easier by following some of the tips below that would help you, in the long run, to clear up space in an organized way. It would surely help in saving your time and effort in a fun and interesting style. Keep reading the space below.

Some unexpected storage places

It is not a smart idea to keep baskets, containers, and boxes in your kids’ room as they would take up floor space making it look further untidy and cluttered. It surely doesn’t go up with your objective. So we suggest you look for places tucked away from sight. Like that little corner at the side of the bed, the area behind the doors, along the walls, and don’t you forget the evergreen space to keep the stuff, under the beds. They all will act as perfect spots to clear up the mess in a quick manner. To make the whole process more fun, dedicate a separate corner for your kids to keep their favorite stuff so that they can themselves do some clearing up with interest.

Categorically organize it

First, a small tip for you, keep a separate space for those things you want your kids not to have access to on top and keep storage bins at the bottom for the things you want to have an ease of accessibility.

Now if you realize that the space for your kids is becoming hard to manage and there is a lot of stuff cluttering that is of no use, take the matter into your hands and include your child in the process. Divide the stuff into mainly three categories: ‘Give away’, ‘Throw Away’ and ‘Keep’. Sit down and throw her toys, clothes and other belongings into the respective pile by asking your child. It will instill a sense of responsibility and good organizational skills in them while eliminating all the chaos at the same time. Doing so would make up space for keeping new items.

Keep it Classic

Keep your child and your wallet happy by opting for a classic and elegant look for your child’s space. Don’t try to add trendy items that might not appeal to your child in the future. Choose classic staple designs she loves now that would remain evergreen. Go for a sturdy nightstand in neutral colors like white or navy or a simple dresser that provides ample storage space as well as makes the place look edgy. It might be possible that a bright pink or neon green nightstand character fascinates your child for now, but you know interests change with time and it is not possible to change furniture time and again. So go for the classic ones.

Make it Fun

It is your kid’s room, it has to have that fun element in it to serve its sole purpose. To have a kid-friendly aesthetic for your place, add major design elements like dressers or nightstands in variable tones with easy-to-replace toys on top. Create a fun, creative and playful place to inspire her to make it looking its best in the times to come. For example, showcase the favorite band poster of your child over a black dresser or toy-of-the-moment on a nightstand. These can be some easy, effortless and affordable ways to make a happy place for your child. It will help them in feeling like they own the place and it is uniquely theirs.