One of the beautiful ways to design your garden is to add some stunning succulent plants to it. There is a great benefit to have them as they don’t require high maintenance and come in some of the alluring designs and colors with different shapes, sizes, and textures.

These are the kind of plants that gives an instant striking appearance to eyes but are somewhat lethal as they have spikes, sharp tips, and potentially toxic sap. They don’t require any kind of special care and are tolerant of cool temperatures though they require hot and full sun. But some shade might also work. Below we have given the most creative ways in which you can keep your plants and create an attractive look for your garden.

In a Tea Cup

You know what the best part about succulents is. They look great in almost everything. You can use anything that is formal and sophisticated to something that is simple and casual. The idea we are going to share with you right now won’t require any effort. Just get one of your teacups from your kitchen and then drill holes in the bottom of the cups. The holes are necessary as succulents need a good drainage system, and they get quickly rot if they don’t get one.

It can be somewhat difficult to drill a hole. Be careful and be patient as the cup can shatter if you don’t give much time to cool it down. Keep the cup on a firm surface like a rag or a flat, thin sponge, and then do this task. After this, fill the cup with cactus and potting mix up to the top. Water them gently and let the plant settle and take root.

In a Lunchbox

Another advantage of having a succulent plant is that you don’t need to keep them in a very deep pot. Though you need good drainage, you can easily place them in a lunch box lying in your kitchen that is no longer useful for you. What you need to do is, take a large nail and out holes in the bottom of the box. Then fill the container with potting mix. Pack the box with plants, with one that will drape near the edges and larger ones at the back. Water it enough that the soil doesn’t become too wet but has enough moisture at the same time.

Two Small Succulents in a Tiny Pot

Make a style statement by keeping two succulents in a tiny pot. Keep the height of the plants around 2 inches and that of the pot around 1/2 inch into 2 inches. This idea will really work because of the topdressing of the gravel that gives it a fine and a finished look. Use a ghost plant or a calico Kitten one.

In a Strawberry Pot

Succulent plants look quite lovely in a strawberry pot. Use a medium-sized pot and check if it has drainage holes. As these plants don’t like to be too wet, use a drill to add several large holes in the ceramic. After this, cover the holes with a piece of plastic window screening or a paper towel. Even a coffee filter would also be just fine. Then fill the pot with the potting mix and check if all the pockets are filled properly. Firm the soil gently and put the largest plant at the top of the jar. Make sure to plant them at the same level as they were in their nursery pot. Plant the small plants in the pockets. Lastly, water the soil in a way that it becomes moist and not too wet at the same time. Keep them in bright indirect sunlight.