Mid-Century as the name suggests means the decor style that was famous in the 50s and the 60s. This decor style was prominent at that time and people used to decorate their interior in that style. Now, this style is back and with a touch of modernism to it. This decor style has changed a bit to adjust to the new time. This is a simple decor and you can achieve it by yourself. Just some DIYS at the weekend at you create your own modern mid-century space.

The list here presents you with a number of ways you can create yourself a mid-century decor interior. These are easy to make or to add to your house. These decor ideas make your space look beautiful and lively.

Add some nightstands here and there

Nightstands do not only mean the one that is at the bedside. You can add these cute nightstands in any corner of the house where you feel the need for a small stand with a drawer or two. These can be used as a decor element where you can put some of your stuff on the nightstand such as magazines, vases, pots, and other small things. They look cute and add a new color to the surrounding. Make sure to get some or to paint the plain nightstands into something vibrant and fun. You can use the hairpin legs for the stand as well. They are an important element in this decor.

Get the greenery inside the house

One of the easiest ways to enhance a place is by adding plants to the place. Plants make the place livelier and fresh. They elevate the look of any room by adding some new fresh colors to the place and by making the area feel fresh and airy. They help in making the place look pretty and fresh both at the same time. You can use them in this modern mid-century decor style. All you need to do is add some greenery such as succulents, small pots, and other plants in your house, and voila you are done.

Go big with the sofas and the chairs

In this style you can keep things simple and chic but when it comes to sitting areas you need to go big. Have some comfortable and big sofas and chairs that can provide you comfort and make you feel cozy. Add some pillows and cushions on the chairs and you can also add a throw or blanket over it. Decorate the remaining area with a rug with simple colors and textures. You can add as many chairs, big, comfortable chairs as you wish to in this style.

Add some pop of colors

Now when you are designing this style you must have noticed that this design uses some plain and neutral colors and that can make the place look bland and normal. To make the place look fun you can add some pop of colors here and there in your house. You can create some candle stands or some other charms that are of vibrant colors and decorate the place with them. You can place them on the side tables that you have placed in the house. To add some more colors you can use some colorful cushions and throw to make the place have colors and depth.

Mirrors on the wall

This is one of the things that can be said to be common in each and every type of decor. Mirrors have been and are still used as a decor element to make the place look better and bigger. Mirrors not only elevate the look of the room but also makes the place look spacious and grand. If you have some mirrors then frame them nicely and hang them around the house.

This style is all about being chic and stylish and at the same time having some minimalist approach toward the decor. This decor involves some beautiful textures and elements in the design. You can get inspiration from the old mid-century designs and remodel the elements to make them work in today’s world. Add some textures and patterns and maintain the main idea of the minimalism of this decor style. Things can be a bit expensive if you go for the real ones, you can easily get yourself a fake or copy of those expensive elements and decorate your house.