The beautiful bounty that the festival of Christmas brings to us has no equal. We often desire the same warmth and coziness in our Christmas-ready homes that we see in the movies or at our traditional friend’s houses. One must wonder how can a house radiate the peak Christmas energy. This is where a cozy cottage-inspired bedroom comes to the rescue. With such a concept, you can have your bedroom refurbished into something that soaks in the Christmas spirit in the true sense.
Have a look at the following features of the cottage-style bedrooms that might help you get yours too.
1. Low Ceilings

A low ceiling is one main factor of a cottage bedroom. Although the low ceiling is purely based on construction and hence can’t be achievable quickly. There are certain ways to make it intentionally look lower. For example, you can try decorating the ceiling with fuller and heavy embellishments that occupy it enough. In addition to this, go for shorter curtain picks and have pillar-like structures placed in length vertical that are wide cylindrical.
Horizontal paintings help too.
2. Sloping Roof

The sloping roof of a cottage bedroom is made through the traditional cottage construction which has two sloping roofs going downwards in opposite directions. This one is incorporable to some extent given that you are ready to give some days to it. For an instant solution, hang curtains in such a fashion that makes one side of the ceiling look much lower, in a sloping fashion. If not, then get some construction done and transform a plain ceiling into a sloping one.
3. Small Windows

Have small windows done into the walls, preferably the ones with medieval highlights. This means that not only do the windows need to be smaller in length and breadth but just enough for the sunlight to enter. In addition, to that, the windows have to be at a slightly higher height. Remember, you are to squeeze in a classic-looking bedroom here so the contemporary concept of bigger windows would not seal the deal for you.
4. Fundamental Design

The classic bedroom is the notion of a typical cottage home. The features have been specified below for a clearer picture:
• Mainstream placement of the bed
• the loud bedpost or bed frame
• paintings
• bedside lamps
• pastel bedding and accented earthy furniture in the usual places
• metal chandeliers
The elements don’t change if you have the same scene going on currently. Just make sure that you don’t take rusticity out of the place.
5. Wooden Beams

Heavy ceiling wooden beams that speak of the frame of the beam support are a ravishing feature of a cottage home. Although this one is optional, you can still go the extra mile to take on full-fledged wooden beams tracing the walls and the sloping roof. Add to the ceiling some dark and textured wooden beams artificially to replicate the heavy look of your choice. They will help with a structured robust outlook for the bedroom.

If you are going in with the exact replication of a cottage bedroom, that would be a tedious task to proceed with because the construction team will get involved too. This is why you only need cues to paint the cottage-inspired bedroom with your vision from the surface to uplift your bedroom in a limited time. Else, if you are constructing a cottage, these bedroom décor ideas would still help in loads. The cottage has some rustic feel to it that many of us love and wish to experience. The rustic charm is combined with a warmth that is uncanny following the fireplace that comes along everywhere. This will surely inspire you to do a similar concept for your bedroom.