The right kind of lights can make your house look bright and comfortable. The lights are one of the main factors that make the interior of the house visible and cozy. Proper lighting is a must in any area of the toom as it not only provides you with a bright area but also adds warmth to the place. Some of the lights provide you with just light while others provide you with light as well as act as a decor element. You need to have some ceiling lights that would enhance the decor of the room and at the same time would illuminate the room. There are different types of ceiling lights that you can install in your house.


1: Chandelier

Chandeliers are a fancy kind of ceiling light that adds to the decor of the room and makes the space look grand and luxe. There are varied kinds of chandeliers that you can go for depending on the decor style you are going after. You can go with the stylish ones that have branches with a number of light bulbs or can go with the traditional ones. There are chandeliers with a remote control to change the colors and even the brightness. Look for the one that suits your house the most.


2: Flush Mount Light

Flush mount lights are the ones that can be used in places where the ceiling is low. If you have some areas in the house where the ceiling is low and you want to make the space look brighter and spacious then you can go with these lights. They are installed close to the ceiling and provide a good amount of light, ideal for any room with a ceiling height of fewer than 8 feet. You can use these flush mount lights in bathrooms, hallways, mudrooms, and other areas of the house.

Flush Mount Light

3: Pendant Light

Pendant lights are similar to chandeliers but here they usually have one single light source and are hanging from the ceilings. They drop from the ceiling just like a pendant and are a great way to add light and style to the room. You can add these lights in the spaces where the room has a high ceiling to make the light reach a certain point. A large variety of pendant lights are available that you can select from and add charm and brightness to the room.

Pendant Light

4: Track Light

Track lights are used in the areas where you put things on display such as a living room where the gallery wall is or when you want to highlight a certain area of the house. These are small and cute lights that you can use to decorate the place. These are just used as accent lights as they cannot be used to provide light to a larger area. You can use them to add focus to certain parts of the room.

Track Light

5: Recessed Ceiling Lights

If you have a false ceiling and have hollow areas in the ceiling you can use these lights. They are installed in that part of the ceiling and provide a bright room. Due to the hollow ceiling, this light creates concentration points and makes the place brighter. You can go with different types of recessed ceiling lights depending on the decor and how much light you need to have in the room. You can even layer this with other lights surrounding the room.

Recessed Ceiling Lights

These lights make the place look a lot better and add to the decor. You can look for lights that go with the theme of the interior. You can go for these ceiling lights and get them installed in your house. You cannot go and get all different kinds of lights installed in the house. Instead, you need to plan and sort what kind of light goes in which room and where you are placing them so that you get to decorate the area accordingly. These lights listed above are the ones you need to install one in one place and thus you need to sort out what goes where. Get the best kind of lights that elevates your decor and make the place inviting and comfortable.