Maximalist style believes in the fact that more is better. It means you can put as much stuff you like and make them work together. This style is often confused as being cluttered and messy. This style is not messy and you can easily make different things work when they are managed in an organized manner. This style is all about being bold, bright, and vibrant. There are several prints and patterns that are used in this style and make the place look lively and vibrant. Maximalism is not being messy and just placing any and every type of vibrant thing in the place but is about proper planning and putting things in an organized manner.

Here are some of the ideas you can use to adorn your interiors and make them look a bit more maximalist style.


Mixing and matching patterns

Maximalism is about mixing and then matching different prints and patterns and making them work in a space. You can get some patterns and get them to work together in your interior. Some examples that you can do with your space are getting some printed wallpapers and using some patterns and prints on the furniture, bedding, curtains, and other stuff presents there in the room. All this is done to make the room look vibrant and match the vibe and aura of the style. You need to mix different fabrics and patterns and create a beautiful space.

Add lots of indoor plants

One of the best ways to have some brightness and to make the room feel better and fresh is to add some indoor plants. The only difference between other styles and this style is that in other styles you only need some indoor plants here and there to add a bit of color to the space whereas in this style, as the name suggests things goes a bit extravagant and over the top and thus you might need some big indoor plants and in a good number so that the area is covered with fresh plants.

Add pillows and cushions here and there

How can you add new colors and patterns to the place without going overboard and without changing the paints and beddings of the place? If you are looking for some small changes and are not sure if this style is for you then you can add some pillows and cushions here and there in the house that has some prints and patterns on them. If you want some maximalist-styled interior then you can add as many cushions and pillows you want to in your space and can even get some floor cushions to adorn the place.

Hanging pictures and other things on walls

Aas said before, the more the better. You can use the vertical space available to you and can put different things in that space. You can create a gallery wall by putting all different photos posters and other framed things on the wall. You can also use this space and create yourself a small library. You can also put wall hangings and can even use the space above the fireplace and different things there. The walls are the important part of the decor and you cannot leave them plain when decorating it in maximalist style.

Splash of vibrant colors around the house

Maximalist style means being vibrant, loud, and lively. You can get this essence in your interior by using some bold and bright colors in your interior. Like using some vibrant colors on the walls or getting some bright-colored furniture or bedding or other elements present in the house. You can get some vibrant throw set or rug and pillows etc. this way you can add some colors to the place and make it look like a maximalist room. You can keep some things stacked in the corner of the room as an element of the room too.

These are some of the ways you can add a bit of maximalism into your interiors and make the space look vibrant and lively. You can use other ideas and can get creative and make your space look brilliant. There are other ways you can add elements to the interior of the house to make it look in this above-mentioned style. Give your interior a good change and create a beautiful maximalist-themed interior.