With the increase in styles of decor, which allows people to have so many options to decorate the interior, there is one that has a European touch to it: French decor. It is timeless and has a classic elegance that makes the place look stunning and modern, along with chic and elegant. This is the decor that uses natural and traditional elements and makes sure to have a blend of old, traditional elements and modernity in the room. The colors, materials, textures, furniture used, elements, and all the other things needed in the room have to be chic and elegant. We here present you with five ways you can add that Parisian touch to your bedroom and make your room feel clean and sophisticated.

Here are some French Ideas for Bedroom

1. Hardwood flooring

French decor has very little carpeting and more tiles and hardwood for their flooring. These look so good that they make the room look a lot better. So if you are trying to change the interior of the room and have a more French touch to it, then you should change your flooring from soft carpet to hardwood flooring. You can add warmth and comfort with the help of rugs and soft carpets on the floor.

2. Sleek canopy bed

This decor style is elegant and stylish when it comes to furniture, and thus, to create the vibe in the room, you need to look for the right kind of furniture as well. You can go for a canopy bed, which would add elegance to the room, but at the same time, make sure that the canopy is sleek and not too much for the decor. Keep the bedding in neutral or calming colors, along with the blankets and other elements.

3. Antiques in the room

How can it be French decor without the antiques? This decor has all the inspiration from French decor centuries ago, so you will see a lot of antique and vintage things in the room. You can go for classic wall art, mirrors with antique frames, and so many other things that you can add to the house and make your room style up with French decor. These antiques elevate the area and add a new element to the place.

4. High curtains to create the illusion of a big room

French decor has high ceilings, and if you are just changing the look of your room, it would not be possible for you to change the height of your room and make the walls taller. Instead, you can use the furniture and the decorations around to change the way your room looks and give the illusion of high ceilings, such as using a ceiling to floor to make the room look spacious and also some low furniture to add more difference between the ceiling and the furniture.

5. Addition of marble

If you are looking for ways to make your room have a French vibe to it, you can add more marble to the place. If you do not have marble in your room, then you can add some simple touches to the place. This can be done by either using decorative pieces made of marble or by using wallpaper or stickers with the same design for the effect. You can go for side tables, vases, faux fireplaces, and so many other elements in the room.

Bottom Line

Look for other kinds of elements that can be used to create a French interior in the bedroom. Elements that would make the area feel soothing and stylish—this decor style is all about being lavish and stylish. You cannot go minimal with this style. There are so many elements in this decor, such as the tiles, paints, wallpaper, art decorations, curtains, upholstery, and so many more, that make it a lot more than any minimal aesthetic. You need to look for things that make your room feel big and spacious. Adding statement items and making the place look stylish and regal is one of the things about this decor style. There are so many more things that you can look for and add to your room to add a French touch.