Gone are the days when the walls of our house were simply white-washed or were painted in light and neutral colors. Today, home decor has extended its horizons to literally everything and has made life much more colorful. The entire lifestyle has changed with so many options in home decor and we love each and every bit of it. For making your house look more playful and stylish, there are a lot of options and one of the best is adding a wallpaper. Wallpaper is a great way to add color and visual interest to a room. It is often associated with a differently colored wall but that is not the case anymore. You will find so many fancy patterns and prints, illusional designs and tones in this that all of them will appeal to you. The following are today’s modern designs that have been updated just for you. Have a look-

Choose Vertical patterns

Make the wall of your living room and bedroom appear taller by choosing vertical designs. This is an illusion created by vertical patterns because they are mainly stripes and stripes have a tendency to make anything look longer than it actually is. This kind of wallpaper is unique and will definitely add vibrancy to your space. These quirky wallpapers should be picked to make the room look much brighter and extravagant. You should ditch the mainstream wallpapers in neutral colors and pick such playful edits. Although neutral color wallpapers also look good; they are not as noticeable to the eyes as this one is. Vertical stripes in bold colors are a great option to create a contrasting look.

Small prints for small rooms

If we have picked vertical design in wallpaper, how can prints and patterns be left behind? Prints and patterns look good in almost everything- be it apparel, shoes, accessories and now home decor. Home decor items such as cushion covers, bedsheets, sofas have already made their way towards prints. Now, wallpapers have also started to feel more open towards such vivid patterns. You can simply go for a colorful wallpaper with tiny floral or animal print in your bedroom to achieve a happy vibe in the room. It takes incredible skills to pull off a cohesive design off without things looking awkward. But you can do this with your sense of creativity.

Geometric Wallpapers

Another unique style in wallpapers is this geometric wallpaper that not only adds an appealing character to the room but also makes it look filmy. There is this incredible vibe to geometric prints that make us turn our heads around and look at them again. This is because they involve detailing and showcase a pattern that is not seen anywhere else in the house. This geometric wallpaper has the potential to add a cool new design into your hallway or your kids’ room. It is also a great pick for your artsy room and reading room. Just one vivid wall amongst plain colored walls is a great idea to make a stylish impact for a long time to come. Furthermore, this wallpaper works well with other neutral color walls.

Metallic Marble wallpapers

Out of all the playful wallpapers, we have listed our favorites. Next up is our favorite tone in wallpapers and that is a marble tone. Marble is anyway one of the most elegant and sophisticated styles in home decor. It can be picked for literally everything. Whether it is your dining room, bedroom, bathroom- marble features can be added to any space to make that area look charming and poise, With marble at your rescue, there is no way that your house looks dull. Nowadays you will find marble tone wallpapers showcasing a design like none other. This tone looks like real marble has been curated on the wall. But it is just an illusion and we totally love it.

Pick Stone wallpapers

Saved the best for the last! Stone wallpapers have been gaining popularity again. There was a time when these were famous for a reason. They gave a raw appearance to the room in which they were added and could easily add a character to that space. With this wallpaper, you can make the room look natural and raw. It reminds you of all the natural elements in the world. But despite looking natural, it also makes you feel ultra-luxurious and thus, is a great choice for everyone out there. Give your room a boost with this wallpaper!