This is the decor that goes well for people who are looking for a cozy way to add minimalism to their life. One of the ways is by using a type of style when it comes to decorating the house. This is the style that has modernly touched on it with the help of the decor elements used in it. You get to see artwork along with simple and minimal decorations. This is a minimalistic style but with a sense of contentment and coziness that marks the house feel calming and warm. Minimalism can make the house dull and cold but here with the help of the right kind of decoration used in the Scandinavian style, you can achieve the proper nordic vibes in the house.


1: Wooden Stuff

Wooden accents are used a lot in Scandinavian style as this adds a touch of natural elements to the house and makes the place feel a lot better and cozy. To add this wooden accent around the place you can use wooden figures that would be a great piece of decoration on the cabinets, shelves, tables, and other places in the house. This is a great way to utilize empty spaces while adding elements that would make the space feel calming and content.

Wooden Stuff

2: Plants and Pots

Even if this style works over the base of minimalism, there is a level of comfort and warmth in this style that can be reached with the help of plants. Green indoor plants change the vibe of any room making it soothing. This helps in adding freshness to the space. With the neutral and calming colors used in the overall decor of the place, these plants add a nice contrast making the area feel warm. You can add as many plants and pots as you wish.

Plants and Pots

3: Mirrors

Mirrors are used in every kind of decor style whether it be minimal or maximal, Scandinavian or pop. you need to have some mirrors in the place to make the space feel nice and bright. Here to have a nordic touch to this accessory you can have a wooden or metallic framing to the mirror. This will make the mirror a Scandinavian touch, making it ideal to be used in the interior. You can hang this mirror in any room in the house. You can even go for a full-length mirror.


4: Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can be seen as a part of lighting in the house or as an accessory. They provide a nice lumination in the room but at the same time add a nice element to it. You can use these pendant lights and add them in the places such as the corner of the living room above the side table or the kitchen near the dining table or kitchen island. You can add them to the reading area as decoration and as the source of reading light.

Pendant Lights

5: Ceramic Pieces

It is a good idea to have some ceramic decorations in the house that would provide you with a Scandinavian touch. You can place these ceramic decorations on the surfaces available and can even put dried pampas or leaves in them for more decoration. These ceramic decorations are painted in neutral shades making them ideal for a room that has this palette decoration already. You can add figures, vases, or unique shapes to the place to add to the nordic element of the room.

Ceramic Pieces

Stick to the elements used in this style when you are working on the interior. Accessories are used after everything is set and placed such as painting the walls, adding furniture, flooring, draperies, and everything and they are the final touches to the place. These can only be selected after you select all the other things so if you want to have a Scandinavian interior in the house you need to look for other things such as the sued of calming colors with natural accents and the use of wooden elements, etc. Adding coziness to the place is something you need to work on if you are looking for interior decoration in this stunning style.